The 30 seconds collection​

Price : 600.000T

The 30 seconds collection has been prepared with the aim of quickly compiling parameters such as light and color in the Lightroom and Mobile Lightroom environments.
With Mobile Lightroom, you can easily adjust the color and light of your photo with presets in 30 seconds.
It is also possible to change the percentage of parameters for all presets.
This collection includes 11 color presets with hot and cold tones that are needed to edit your photos in different genres.
You can use these presets in indoor and outdoor photos.
This collection is also used for dark mode, event, wedding, advertising and lifestyle photos.
If you have a business, this collection can help you to make your photos look better.

Presets names:
Boho Vibes, Creamy day 1, Creamy day 2, Ghost, Greenhall 1, Greenhall 2, Lush forest, Minimal mood, Persian Gulf, Texas, Vintage year

The Aerial Collection

Price : 700.000T

This Preset package is a collection of 13 color presets and has a theme of warm to cool colors. This package can be used for DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and UAVs. It is also used to correct the color of aerial, nature, portraits, events, products photos. Another advantage of this package is that it can be used in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

Presets names:
Middle East 1, Middle East 2, Middle East 2, Hard storm, Deep forest
Spring tone 1, Spring tone 2, Kingdom of Nature
Countryside, Village 1, Village 2
Fresh air, Graceful land

The Essential Collection

Price : 500.000T
The essential collection package is a collection of 10 seasonal and colorful presets and can be used to correct the color of photos of desert, forest and historical places. This collection includes warm and hot colors to cold and dark colors. This package can be used in Photoshop and Premiere.

Presets names:
Dark days, Deep tones Hyrcanian forest 1, Hyrcanian forest 2 Desert, Red carpet, The glory of spring Dream, Winter, Fall in love.

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