One of the most important parameters of nature photography are lenses with different functions and focal points. Photographing a particular landscape directly depends on the equipment we use, an important item of which is the right lens for the time of photography. My cooperation with the 7Artisans brand started with two different lenses, which I examined in urban and natural environments. These lenses allowed me to shoot very close to my subjects and to capture unique views of nature and urban environments.

I reviewed the 15mm F/4 lens in Downtown Dubai, and the high sharpness and accurate focus were the positive and important points of this lens. Also, I reviewed 9mm F/5.6 lens in the deserts of the Emirates and near the border of Oman. When the sun set on the sand dunes of the desert, I took a photo of the bright shadows of the sun on the sands, and the golden light fell on the trees and green bushes. The wideness of this lens allowed me to get close to special subjects like these bushes easily.

With 7Artisans 9mm F/5.6 :

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